Xerox DocuColor 700, 770, 550, 560 Genuine IBT Cleaner Assembly 042K94560,042K94561,042K93483, 641S00663, 042K93482, 042K93481,042K94151, 042K94150 641S00850

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042K94560 042K94561 042K93483 641S00663 042K93482 042K93481 042K94151 042K94150 641S00850
042K94561,042K93483, 641S00663
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Compatible Products: Xerox Digital Color Press 700, 700i Belt Cleaner Assembly.
Part Numbers: 042K93483 641S00663 042K93482 042K93481 042K94151 042K94150
UPC Code: N/A
Capacity: N/A
Quantity/Box 1 Cleaner Assy per carton





Don't Compromise on Quality, When it Comes to Your Printer Consumables. The hidden costs of Unreliablity and lower quality prints add up in the end. Not only do they add to real cost of your printing, they distract you from doing what you do best - your Business,

Xerox Genuine Cosumables have been designed specifically to ensure that you get the very best out of your printer, day after day after day.

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