Delivery Information

Xerographic International are proud to say, we can ship/deliver to virtually any address in the world, from a local delivery to an international shipment, we are always on hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

The shipping cost is determined by the weight of the order, chosen shipping method and shipping destination. 

This can be calculated by adding an item to the cart and entering in your Country and Zip/Post Code (Countries that do not use the zip/post code system will also be able to get a delivery cost). Alternatively, contact us on for a personalised quote.

Delivery Time

As a business we guarantee a sameday despatch 0f 98% of all orders received by 17:00 with a next day delivery to UK addresses providing we have the item in stock, you can see the stock level on the product page.

International deliveries, for Europe please allow up to 5 days via economy and 3 days priority, this is the service we expect from FedEx and UPS. All other countries please allow up to 8 days economy and 5 days priority.

Shipping Options

We use FedEx, UPS or DHL for our national and international deliveries as they offer excellent tracking details and have a brilliant track record. You will be presented with the relevant options once you have added an item to your cart, simply add your country and zip/post code (if applicable, if not just add 1 to the zip/postcode) and the system will do the rest.

Packages are shipped from our warehouse in Hampshire, England. Please see our contact us page for more information on our location.